Our History


Hotel Clocchiatti Next starts from here, the Villa, my home. Here, my family and I lived until 1991. Since 1963 my mother Ada ran a part of the Villa as Guest House and in 1976 she turned that part of the house into a 1 star Hotel.
In 1991 she passed the torch to me. I remember that, in that moment, I thought it would be just a temporary activity for me! However I began to reorganize the Hotel and, step by step, I obtained the 2 stars.


In 1995 my wife Daniela joined me and working together we began to think bigger. We renewed the 13 rooms and took the 3 stars in 1998. The hotel was working very well and we thought to increase our offer by building a new wing in the garden, a modern annex that could stand near to the old existing structure harmoniously. We entrusted the creation of this space Arch. Alessio Princic and in late 2004, the Next began its story. We decided to call the outbuilding Next because, with its 14 new rooms, epitomized the concept of our projects, our future.

In these years I have been working with a very close team – a second family for me –, with them I can share the passion for this kind of work. Many guests are intrigued by the name Clocchiatti, many foreigners think it is a word in Italian that they do not know, that means something. Then we explain that it is “only” a surname but it has a meaning: it’s Family, Home, Friendship.

Aldo Clocchiatti

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